vrijdag 7 december 2012

Editorial Letter quotes

I received the Editorial Letter for the Haeven of Punyal (as well as the edited version, which hopefully I can incorporate this weekend). Here are some of the happy quotes:

This accomplished and absorbing book, a novel blend of steampunk fiction, murder mystery, and code (ranging from the covert speech patterns of the Xivato to the proteins for which DNA codes), was a pleasure to read.

Against the backdrop of a fantastic steampunk world where Romans are identified by their tails and the sense of smell is privileged over sight or hearing, this novel is remarkable for being primarily driven not by its admirably speculative setting but by its strong characters of Capa, Chalina, and Punyal, who shift and grow over the full course of the story in response to circumstances beyond their control. Supporting characters also are given room to grow—for example, Black Dog, through his increasingly complex interactions with Chalina.
Overall the manuscript’s style is rich but discreet, offering a rhythmically varied syntax filled with descriptive detail, but never calling attention to itself and away from the more important story at hand.

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